L’Allemagne et le Canada sont


    L’Allemagne et le Canada sont aussi officiellement annulés.

    Rarement vu pareille équipe de brakass ou un tel talent pour se couvrir de ridicule…

    ” “Singapore, Germany and Canada remain crucial growth markets for WSX, and we intend to return to each of those markets very soon,” SX Global CEO Adam Bailey stated. “2023 was to be WSX’s first foray into these markets and we want to make sure we do each of these crucial markets absolute justice.

    “We want to do everything to the highest standard and to ensure that every WSX experience is a fantastic and memorable one. In keeping with this mantra, the new ownership group decided these calendar revisions were required at this time. The recency of the ownership change has created logistical challenges that are difficult to overcome in a matter of weeks.

    “Therefore, we’ll instead refocus to make sure that the 2023 Abu Dhabi and Melbourne WSX events are executed to the best possible level, and to continue the important progress of building the championship for 2024 and beyond. The 2023 WSX Abu Dhabi and Australian grands prix remain on sale and the demand has been very strong.

    “It is all systems go for both of these events as I say and they are shaping up to be our best events yet, with plenty of compelling and exciting racing still to come before our 2023 FIM World Supercross Champions are crowned.”

    Ca me rappelle assez le team BOS GP, mais sans le talent de Paget pour positiver les pires débâcles… Et au moins arrivaient-ils à se rendre sur les courses…

    Deuxième épreuve 2023 à Abu Dhabi le 5 novembre. Quel suspense inoutenable!

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