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Peeping Tom

    Food for thoughts:



    Sexton was incredible in the second moto, going from worst to first. Is there anything you can point to that explains how good he was in that second moto?

    He was incredible, that’s the truth. I think there were many things at play here. First and foremost, he knew Jett was not 100 percent. Mentally, that changes the dynamic. Chase knew a win was there to be taken so he was immediately more confident and probably motivated, subconsciously. Also, when you crash on the first lap, all nervousness and distraction go out the window. There is only one focus and that’s forward. He wasn’t counting points or thinking “what if,” he was just executing and riding instinctually. That’s the purest form of racing these guys experience.

    The other aspect is that the KTMs seemed to really like that harder terrain of Hangtown. The KTM frame flexes more than some of the other OEM’s, which gives more traction and more “feel” when the dirt hardens. This can work against them in softer, ruttier conditions, but on Saturday, it was a big benefit to all on orange….”


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